‘Let the music say what words cannot’

Original Music for Film, Television, and Media

Welcome to Wade Compositions, where we are dedicated to crafting original music that resonates with human emotions and transcends AI capabilities. My recent work on the film “River of Blood” exemplifies my approach: composing from the heart to enhance every scene with nuanced, psychological soundscapes that prepare audiences for the film’s emotional journey.

Exciting Changes Ahead! Find out more at the bottom!

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Music Library / Samples

Our music accurately conveys the message you want to send – capturing each subtle shift in emotion, story, and scene.


Space Exploration theme – A theme written to fit a discovery moment deep in space or unexplored territory

Soundwave – A climatic Rock soundtrack written for a story set in the 70’s about a boy and a Dolphin




Murders on the moon – A dystopian/steampunk vibe, a TV series following a 1950’s styled detective working a case on a moon colony base

A track called ‘DREAMER’ to accompany a self-help goal-setting audiobook – composed to be short and motivating to keep the listener focused on writing out their dreams and goals

A hybrid styled track called ‘Moon Ray’ – utilising modern sounds with climatic orchestrations but surprisingly – written with the help of Jack Wade’s daughter which the track is named after (Luna-Rae) who has a love for steady drums and invasive sounding instruments

A Jazzy theme for a film scoring project – Captured the lazy romance

A classical piano melody composed for a drama documentary in mind


Here is some music created with the glory of the full Philharmonic Orchestra – Composed by Jack Wade’s father, Anthony Wade. Wade Compositions can utilise an orchestra as well as the modern technology

Production & session projects

This is a song done with Sam Smith when he was just starting out his career – one of ours and his first produced tracks (Anthony Wade).

Social Media projects

Below is the personal projects of Jack Wade – providing an endless display of melodies you’ve never heard before – all personal projects will be posted to TikTok.

Exciting Changes Ahead at Wade Compositions!

As we embark on a thrilling new chapter, Wade Compositions Ltd is evolving to serve the vibrant world of media and entertainment in a novel and dynamic way.

Introducing Our Music Licensing Library

Soon, our website will transform into a captivating hub for licensing services, catering to the diverse needs of advertising, production, media, and film industries. Imagine a treasure trove of unique, high-quality soundtracks and scores, each piece brimming with emotion and crafted with care. Our inaugural offering? The original soundtrack from our very first movie project — a testament to the passion and creativity at the heart of Wade Compositions.

Platform for Creators

But that’s not all. We’re extending an invitation to fellow composers, artists, and music creators. If you’ve got a project that you believe could add magic to a film, ad, or media piece, we’re here to help it find its spotlight. Our platform is more than just a library; it’s a community where creativity meets opportunity.

A Journey of Growth and Collaboration

While we’re just starting out on this cinematic adventure, our ambitions are as boundless as the creativity we aim to showcase. Join us as we grow, contribute, and create a symphony of opportunities together. At Wade Compositions, every note counts, and every creator has a story to tell.

Stay Tuned for More Updates!

We’re just getting warmed up. Keep an eye on this space for more updates and be part of a journey that promises to be as exciting as it is inspiring.

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